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  • Digital Temperature sensor : Pre calibrated, very reliable, accurate dipped in liquid container for more accuracy.
  • Designed to meet all international safety requirements of EN 60601-1, ensure safety against electrical shock hazards, fire hazards, mechanical hazards electro magnetic interference etc.
  • Flat bed agitator to reduce shear stress damage on the platelets.
  • Digital temperature recorder control unit coupled with a unique air circulation system to maintain incubator chamber uniformly at TDA recommended temperature ranges of 22+deg.C
  • Pause switch to enable interruption of agitation for removal or replacement of platelet storage bags in the machine, and automatic restart in 10 seconds.
  • Flicker free CFL to provide uniform lighting.
  • Temperature recorder to plot the temperature consciously and warns when set temperature limits are exceeded.
  • Smooth sliding stains steel trays easily removable for cleaning as well as to enable easy removale or loading of bags in the trays.
  • Made of stainless steel interior and powder coated exterior to withstand corrosion and wear & tear.
  • A built in voltage stabilizer to protect the incubator form voltage fluctuations made of imported CE & UL marked components.
  • Agitation at constant speed of 75 + 5 cycles /in to prevent dumping and to facilitate maximum plate viability.
  • Audio/visual alarms to ensure that the user in intimated for any abnormal condition.