Labline Blood Bag Tube Sealer is a compact instrument to seal the blood bag pilot tube by radio frequency sealing system, no haemolysis at blood in the tube because radio frequency sealing seals the tube without damaging the blood cells inside and easy separation of tube once the sealing is done. Sealing can be achieved in less than 1.5 sec. per tube by simple operation.

Technical Specification

1. Model No. LTS-01
2. Oscillation Frequency 40.68 MHz
3. Radio Frequency 15W
4. Sealing Time less than 1.5 sec
5. Input Voltage 230 V AC
6. Frequency 50 Hz
7. Power Consumption 100 VA
8. Indicator Lamps Red for power ON Green for sealing
9. Weight 5.5 Kg (appro.)


Labline Blood Collection Monitor is a compact unit that provides safe and smooth action to ensure Mixing of Blood and Antico- agulant without damaging Blood Cells during collection of blood from a donor.

Special Features

® Volume can be set 1 ml increment.
® Facility of pausing during collection and also can change preset volume.
® Microcontroller based program to give better accuracy.
@ Auto tare facility.
® Motorised pinching system at the end of collection to prevent excess blood from the desired volume.
® Facility to check set volume gram and time totalizer during collection.
® Audio Video alarm if the flow is less than 15 ml/min and audio Alarm at the end of collection

Technical Specification

Model No LBCM - 01 LBCM - 02
Input Voltage 230V AC (50HZ) 230V AC (50HZ)
Oscillation Speed 10 RPM+/-1 10 RPM +/-1
Display Red Led Red Led
ALARM Audio Visual Audio Visual
Battery ........ 4 to 7 Hrs.

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