Made of wood with glass panels on the two sides- and back and bottom of the hood are made of good quality plywood properly painted- the hood is provided with a hinged transparent front door — the hood will have a front bottom panel, made of transparent acrylic having two glove components — complete with Ultra Violet tube light, 1 No fluorescent light (20 Watts) both operatable by separate switches and 2 Nos. of acid and alkali Proof gloves of 35 cm, Size — 75 cm Length x 50 cm breadth x 75 cm length.

Complete as above

Note : The above item can be supplied made of MS Sheet powder coated at the same rate


Paper Chromatography cabinet made of seasoned pest proof teak wood with wax coated interior for resistance for most of the solvents. The glass panel lid/door has hinges and can be locked — rubber lining prevents air entering the chamber. All sides are glass paneled.

Size: 24” x 24” x 12” provided with three stainless steel boats, nickel rods, one stainless steel tray