Orbital Shaking Incubator are specifically designed to have combined advantage of a closely controlled incubation/ storage temperature with orbital shaking necessary for many laboratory procedures such as tissue cultures, fermentation studies, enzyme reactions, controlled purification and ageing tests, growth studies etc.

Constructed of double walls, the exterior is made of Sheet Steel beautifully powder coated and interior of Stainless Steel. The plexiglass door makes it possible to inspect specimen without disturbing the temperature. Powerful air circulator create positive air flow through the incubator.

Model OSI-24C
Temperature Range 5°C to 60°C
Temp. Accuracy +0.5°C
Temp. Control Digital Display Electronic Temperature Controller
Platform Capacity 16 Conical Flasks x 500 ml.
Shaking Speed Variable Speed 50 to 250 RPM with digital speed meter

Same as above but with Temperature Range from 5°C above ambient to 60°C

Model : OSI 24

1. Additional Platform for different flasks
2. Digital Timer
3. Chamber Illumination with Fluorescent tube — 2 Nos.
4. Chamber Illumination with Ultra Violet Lamp — 2 Nos.
5. 0.24 hrs. Cyclic Timer for Illumination
6. Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 2 KVA for Model OSI-24C


These shakers are ideal for mixing and development of cultures, chemicals, solvent asseys etc; production of basic chemicals, pathological work and various other applications. These are ideal for shaking solutions in Erlenmeyer Flasks. It promotes the mixing and dissolving of the substance contained in flasks, bottles or test tubes. It can also be used for sieving and for speeding up chemical reaction in general.

These are offered in 3 standard platform sizes with variety of interchangeable top platform to hold different sizes of flasks in different size of flasks in different quantities.

The unit has base assembly fabricated from heavy mild steel section. The drive has Single excenter bearing and heavy duty main bearing resulting in small number of moving parts. The simple and sturdy design make the units suitable for continuous non-stop operation. The orbital diameter of 25 mm and Shaking speed of 180 RPM is standard. With DC Motor for variable speed and regulator.

These are Heavy Duty Rotary Shakers having Stainless Steel Platforms and are ideal for applications demanding continuous operations.

Model Platform Size Flask capacity
1000 ML 500 ML 250 ML 150 ML 100/50 ML
RS-1 24” x 24™ 16 25 36 49 64
Rs-2 36” x 36” 36 49 64 81 100
Rs-3 48” x 48” 81 10 121 144 169

Optional: Digital speed meter for the above Rs. 4000/-


This shaking machine can accommodate khan racks, bottles or flasks of different sizes. Closed type with quarter HP motor, the maximum speed will be 250 rom approx. to work on 230 volts 50 Hz

Model Platform Size
LKS 1 50 cm x 33 cm x 10cm
LKS 2 75cm x 43 cm x 10 cm
LKS 3 90 cm x 45cm x 10 cm


D.C motor variable speed, speed regulator and digital speed meter instead of AC motor Automatic Timer 0 to 60 minutes